VM180R VersaTek Series

VM180R VersaTek Series

With Quantum's intelligent manufacturing solution, the VM180R VersaTek can maximally meet the latest manufacturing requirements: ultra-high productivity, high accuracy, high flexibility and intelligence.

VM180R VersaTek series has 2 models:

VM180R VersaTek with BBT40 spindle

VM180R/50 VersaTek with BBT50 spindle

High performance:

- 12,000rpm BBT40/50 spindle

- X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse rate: 1500/1500/1350ipm (VM180R/50: 1500/1500/900ipm)

- Cutting rate 750ipm

- Positioning accuracy 2/5um ( 12in/full travel )

Rigid structure and high accuracy:

- Machine bed with Meehanite® cast iron

- C-frame structure with reinforced large delta machine column

- CoolanTek® system: fluid-cooling ball screws, spindle cooler and high-power coolant pump to guarantee ultra-high accuracy during lengthy machining.

- INA roller guideways for excellent precision and high load capacity

- Standard three-year warranty

High standard configurations including:

- Tool magazine with capacity for 30 tools

- CoolanTek system

- Chain type chip auger and chip conveyor

- Quantum active noise-cancelling headphone

Model VM180R VM180R/50
X axis travel in 63.0 63.0
Y axis travel in 27.6 27.6
Z axis travel in 27.6 27.6
Spindle nose to table max. in 31.5 31.5
Spindle nose to table min. in 3.9 3.9
Spindle center to column in 31.9(29.1) 31.9(29.1)
Table length in 68.9 68.9
Table width in 27.6 27.6
Table load capacity lbs. 2200 2200
Spindle speed max. rpm 12000(15000/10000*) 10000(8000*)
Spindle power (cont./30min) hp 15/20 20/25
Spindle torque max. lb-ft

Spindle taper # 40 50
Bearing dia. in φ2.8 φ3.5
Rapid/feed rates
Rapid rate (X/Y/Z) ipm 1500/1500/1350 1500/1500/900
Cutting rate (X/Y/Z) ipm 750 750
Capacity # 30(40*) 30(40*)
Max. tool dia. (full) in φ3.0 φ4.3
Max. tool dia. (adjacent empty) in φ6.0 φ8.5
Max. tool weight lb 15.4 33.1
T-T time sec 1.9 2.8
C-C time sec 4.9 5.9
Control system

Fanuc 0i MF Type 1

Fanuc 0i MF Type 1

machine weight** lb 23240/22460 23680/22130
Machie floor space(LxW) in x in 127x202 127x202
Machine height in 119 121
Power supply kVA 35
Pneumatic supply psi ≥87 ≥87


**Weight may vary based on different configurations.